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Website localization is the procedure of altering a website in order to make it accessible, usable and culturally suitable to a group. Website localization is a procedure with many layers, which needs both SEO expertise and linguistic/cultural knowledge. If one of these is missing, it is possible for a localization procedure to encounter problems. A website localization project is mostly failed by lack of linguistic and cultural input. In order to perceive the affect of culture on website localization, the following examples exhibit the fields in which it is required to understand the target culture..
Many factors have to be considered content of a website is translated. One of these factors is the source and target languages. Can all the words, phrases, sayings and metaphors be translated directly to the target language? Is your website’s content humourous and if it is, will the target culture even understand it?
Another factor that should be considered is the language style. We, at Positive Translation Agency, analyse language style and the target audience. If local business personnel is targeted, the vocabulary, grammar and punctuation must be used accordingly. If an informal orientated audience is targeted, then the language must be more informal. Wrong language choice for the wrong reader will make it difficult for your site or company to be understood, and your localization project will fail.
Evaluation of the information to be provided in the new site is essential. It should not be assumed that the information on the English site is completely transferred to the new site in target language. Positive Translation Agency assesses the target culture and society. Is a culture relying on information rich writing in order to completely understand a concept or product targeted, or is a culture relying more on more images or one needing little text to understand ideas and concepts targeted? If your English site contains a lot of technical language, we consider the best method to transfer these concepts without using language.
Images, Symbols, Colors, Content and Navigation are also important for SEO and target culture in Website Localization.
Cultural effect on website localization is great. Abovementioned examples form only a fragment of the problem. The number of factors that should be considered requires the expertise of a website designer, a SEO expert, and a cross cultural communications consultant at the same time. Together, they can determine the factors that will affect the successful localization of a website. When internet is entering increasingly more houses, it is essential for companies involved in the internationalization of their business to consider website localization and attend to using effective cross cultural analysis.
Positive Translation Agency provides a website localisation service of premium quality. Positive Translation Agency is experienced in e-commerce and marketing on internet, and has learnt how to cope with the problems of implementing foreign language versions to websites, and translating websites completely into different languages.

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