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Spain-Turkey Relations

There are no political problems between Turkey and Spain at bilateral level. Progressively our relations with Spain are turning into a more constructive cooperation. The European Union vision of Spain, the importance she attaches to transatlantic ties, her determination in the fight against international terrorism and her efforts to create new markets for her growing economy overlap to a great extent with Turkey’s foreign policy objectives and economic potential. 

Spain, which aims at establishing a strong cooperation among the Mediterranean countries in the EU and which has perceived our country as an important trade partner in the Mediterranean, is one of the major countries supporting Turkey’s membership to the EU. 

The ‘Joint Action Plan’ signed between Turkey and Spain on 22 July 1998 established the framework of the bilateral relations between the two countries. 

The Alliance of Civilizations which is intended to respond to the need for a committed effort by the international community, both at the institutional and civil society levels, to bridge divides and overcome prejudice, misconceptions, misperceptions, and polarization which potentially threaten world peace, was initiated by Prime Minister José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero of Spain, co-sponsored by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey. 

During the visit of Prime Minister Zapatero to Turkey in November 2006, on the occasion of the Alliance of Civilizations initiative, a Strategy Paper aimed at further strengthening Turkish-Spanish bilateral relations was signed by the two Prime Ministers. 

The trade volume between our two countries exceeded 8.5 billion Dollars in 2008. This figure, decreased considerably in 2009 due to the global economic crisis. In 2009 our trade volume was around 6.6 billion Dollars. This figure increased to 8.4 billion Dollars as of 2010.

Currently there are around 390 Spanish companies operating in Turkey, with an investment value of approximately 2 billion Dollars as of 2010.

The firms with Spanish capital operate mostly in infrastructure, agriculture, fishery products, food industry, cement, electrics-electronics industry, textile, trade, tourism, air transport and banking sector. 

Construction, automotive, renewable energy, environment technologies, real estate, financial services, transportation, automotive sectors are promising areas where we can increase our cooperation.

The number of Spanish tourists visiting Turkey is around 322 thousand in 2010.

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