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Translation of Quality Assurance Systems

When the term 'quality assurance system' is used, it means a formal management system you can use to strengthen your organisation. It is intended to raise standards of work and to make sure everything is done consistently. A quality  assurance system sets out expectations that a quality organisation should meet. Typically, these are the stages that organisations implementing a quality system aim to follow:

  • Agree on standards. These concern the performance that staff, trustees and users expect from the organisation
  • Carry out a self-assessment. This means that you compare how well you are doing against these expectations.
  • Draw up an action plan. This will include what needs to be done, who will do it, how it will be done, and when
  •  Implement. Do the work
  • Review. At this stage, you check what changes have been made and whether they have made the difference you were hoping to achieve.

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