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Translation of Public Relations Materials 

The items, methods and activities employed to establish and promote a favorable relationship with the public is the definition of "Public Relations Materials".

There are various materials that can be used in the practice of public relations. Traditional materials include press releases and media kits which are sent out to generate positive press on behalf of the organization. Other widely used materials include brochures, newsletters and annual reports. Increasingly, companies are utilizing interactive social media outlets, such as

  • Blogs
  • Social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, foursquare (social network), etc.)

as tools in their public relations campaigns. Unlike the traditional tools which allowed for only one-way communication, social media outlets allow the organization to engage in two-way communication, and receive immediate feedback from their various stakeholders and public.

Furthermore companies can join discussions with multiple user identities to create a positive image of the company (e.g. quantity of positive statements from different users)

One of the most popular and traditional materials used by public relations professionals is a press kit, also known as a media kit. A press kit is usually a folder that consists of promotional materials that give information about an event, organization, business, or even a person. What are included would be backgrounders or biographies, fact sheets, press releases (or media releases), media alerts, brochures, newsletters, photographs with captions, copies of any media clips, and social mediums. With the way that the industry has changed, many organizations may have a website with a link, "Press Room" which would have online versions of these documents.

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