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Pharmaceutical Patent Translation Services in Turkey

Patent protection for pharmaceutical products has increased substantially since the 1980s. In fact, the EU currently boasts the highest level of market protection for pharmaceuticals in the world. Patents have been available for biotechnology products since 1998. The old 15-year patent regimes were replaced with modern 20-year product patents in the early 1990s. This 20-year protection can now be increased by up to 5 more years through a Supplementary Protection Certificate (SPC). SPCs were introduced in 1992 to compensate originator companies for the time and cost of developing registration data.

In addition to this 25-year protection, further patents for varying periods are regularly granted to pharmaceutical companies for new uses, indications, dosages and changes in formulation, colour or markings. These patents provide additional years of market monopoly for often insignificant changes, providing little or no added therapeutic value to patients.

Pharmaceutical originators practise “total product strategies” or “lifecycle maximisation” by seeking to obtain as many patents as possible during the development and marketing cycle, and to extend them for new uses of established products, or to add on to the time-lag between patent grant and public health approval.

Originators erect families of dozens of patents around a single product covering numerous aspects of the product such as:

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