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Managing Director


| founder of Positive Translation Agency with Ayten.

designs, develops and implements the strategic plans for Positive Translation Agency in the most cost effective and time efficient manner.

| studied English Literature in the University of Istanbul,Turkey

has been working in professional translation services for 20 years. 

ALI says;
Almost anyone can extract the meaning of a text from its grammatical form in one language and convert that to the very different form in a second language. However it takes years of experience, care and attention to detail to communicate the tone, the flavour, the subtle meaning and the persuasive intent of a document with its beauty unaltered in the new language.
Turkish Translation Services aims to achieve this in every assigned translation project no matter where you are in the world.

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Project Manager


| graduated from University of Varna, Bulgaria with degrees in Bulgarian and Russian historical linguistics and education.

| responsible for creating clear and attainable project objectives, building the project requirements, and managing the ‘triple constraints’ for projects, which of course are: cost, time, and quality, and above all, client satisfaction.

20 years of experience in the translation industry.

| specialized in text translation services for legal and technical documents.


The ideal translation should be accurate as to meaning and natural-sounding in the new language. When we achieve this balance, the intended audience grasps straight away what they need to know. The success of a translation is measured by how closely it measures up to these ideals.  Turkish Translation Services offers  the ideal translation for you on every project. 

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Company Accountant


| overall financial management of the company.

| periodic review and negotiation with suppliers to ensure competitive rates for clients

| also responsible for logistics and confidentiality of your documents.

speaks Turkish(native), Bulgarian and Russian.

ORHAN says;

I have a track record in corporate finance and accounting, financial planning, formulation of policies and enhancing internal control systems. I also take responsibility for correct tax calculation, preparation and lodgement of all documents, preparation of financial reporting and record management. This ensures both the security and stability of the company, and therefore, your translations.
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Translation Manager


| graduated from Management Department of University of Anatolia, Turkey.

| handles all aspects of the translation process.

| selects an appropriately experienced translator from our network of language specialists for your translation projects, whilst ensuring a similarly qualified editor and proofreader are on-board.

BEGUM says;

Communicating with a large number of employees is not always a simple task!  We work with a large number of translators, editors and language specialists, so our communication channels and procedures have to be followed. Actually, I am very lucky to work with such a great group of professional people.   Each one brings their own personality to a translation task and takes a huge amount of satisfaction from a successfully completed translation. 
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HR Specialist


| ensures that only the very best in-country, mother-tongue translators are added to our network.

| administers recruitment tests to translators  working together with our Translation Management department

| responsible for hiring the best editors and most careful proofreaders available.

| graduated from the Department of Labor Economics of Marmara University, Turkey.

GONUL says;

Our company’s quality is underwritten by the quality of the translators, language specialists, editors and proofreaders we employ. To expand our client base, we have to deliver high quality translations in time for our customers and be completely reliable. 

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Marketing Manager


| Oktay is responsible for the Marketing and Online Marketing. 

| helps to keep marketing in line with Positive's overarching mission statement focused on Quality-Speed-Trust.

| knowledgeable, capable and enthusiastic having a Can-Do Will-Do attitude.

| studied Economics in Bogazici University, Turkey and can speak Turkish(native) and English.

OKTAY says;

Our marketing strategy is centered around the key concept that customer satisfaction is the main goal.  Our marketing strategies are to accurately promote the services we can provide for you while communicating our unique passion for excellence. Positive is different from our competitors in Istanbul in terms of professional translation services and website localisation.

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