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Legal Translation Services in Turkey

Legal Translation is difficult to overcome. The mistranslation of a section in an agreement may lead to lawsuits and money loss. Therefore, we employ only professional translators that have expertise in legal translation.

Turkish Translation Services considers in every legal translation assignment that the structure of the legal system of the source document is shaped in a suitable manner for that culture and this affects the legal language; identically, the target document is to be read by a person who has knowledge of another legal system and its language.,

Besides the gap of nomenclature, or expression differences, textual usages in the source language are generally dependent on culture and may not be asociated with usages in the target culture. Linguistic structures that are generally observed in the source language do not directly correspond to structures in the target language. Accordingly, our experience in legal translation and grasp of both languages, here in Turkish Translation Services, is the key to solving the problem of matching target language structures with the corresponding structures in the source language.

Translators of legal documents generally refer to law dictionaries, particularly bilingual ones. Turkish Translation Services is also concerned with the quality of dictionaries used by translators, since some bilingual law dictionaries are of low quality and using them may lead to mistranslation.

Most legal texts, and particularly contracts, intend to define rights and duties of certain individuals clearly. Turkish Translation Services reviews every detail in order to ensure accurate match of such rights and duties in the source document and in the translated document.

Legal translation usually involves Certificates of Accuracy, Witness Statements, Depositions, Trusts, Wills, Articles of Incorporation, Litigation Documents, Immigration Documents, Property/Exhibit Labels and in some cases attendance of translator(s) in court.

Authentication (Notarisation / Legalisation)

Turkish Translation Services can also have the legal translation authenticated by an official notary and/or apostilled, as some authorities and governmental bodies may require. We guarantee that we will have the translation authenticated on the date of completion.

We are deeply experienced and fast in delivering high quality legal translation services.

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