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Italy-Turkey Relations

Turkey and Italy, as two Mediterranean countries and allies enjoy friendly relations. Turkey’s economic and commercial exchanges with Italy are improving in terms of both their nature and volume. Turkey and Italy celebrated the 150th anniversary of the initiation of diplomatic relations in 2006. 
Recently, there have been an increasing number of high-level visits between Turkey and Italy. During the visit of Italian former Prime Minister Romano Prodi, a Strategy Paper aimed at further strengthening our bilateral relations and giving a high visibility to our close cooperation, was signed by the two Prime Ministers. 
Intergovernmental Summit, Turkish-Italian Civil Society Dialog Forum and Media Forum are the three pillars of the Turkish-Italian relations.

The economic and trade relations between Turkey and Italy have steadily developed over the years.  The bilateral trade volume between Turkey and Italy has developed in recent years and reached to 18.8 billion Dollars in 2008. This figure dropped to the level of 13.5 billion Dollars in 2009 due to the global economic crisis. On the other hand there are signs of recovery in our commercial relations. Our bilateral trade volume reached to 16.7 billion Dollars in 2010. This certainly is a positive development.

Existing mechanisms like Business Council and the Monitoring Committee, established within the framework of the good offices protocol in 2004, as well as regular “Business Forum” meetings contribute to further strengthening of our economic and commercial relations.

The number of Italian firms operating in Turkey exceeded 800. They are engaged in various sectors such as banking, telecommunication, construction, electronics and pharmaceuticals.

Turkey, like Italy, holds a major position in the international tourism market and generates significant tourism revenues. The number of Italian tourists visiting Turkey has reached 671 thousand in 2010.

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