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Germany-Turkey Relations

Germany is one of the most important partners of Turkey in the political, economic and cultural fields. In addition to the present intense relations in various fields, the 2.6 million Turks living in Germany and the day by day increasing German residents in Turkey constitute a bridge of friendship between the two countries. Besides being NATO allies Turkey and Germany pursue close relationship within the European institutions such as the Council of Europe and OSCE. Furthermore, the ongoing EU accession process of Turkey provides additional depth to our relations.

The economic relations between two countries have traditionally been strong and deep-rooted. Germany is Turkey’s number one trade partner. The volume of trade between Turkey and the Germany has reached 28,9 billion Euros in 2010. 

The Cooperation between medium and small size enterprises which play an important role in the economies of the two countries is a useful tool for augmenting and diversifying the Turkish-German trade flow.

Germany, with 4.411 firms originated from this country, has the biggest number of investors in Turkey. Since 1980 authorized German investments in Turkey have surpassed 10 billion Euros. It is also worth mentioning that 65.000 Turkish entrepreneurs have invested more than 8 billion Euros in Germany, with an annual turnover around 25 billion Euros.

Germany also ranks first as the country of origin for tourists visiting Turkey. The number of German tourists visiting Turkey has reached 4.3 million in 2010. Besides the ever-growing Turkish community in Germany, the presence of a continuously increasing number of German citizens in Turkey both as visitors and as residents  is taken as a positive note.

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