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"How much do you charge?"

Our minimum charge is €10/$15 and our translation rates start from €10/$15 per 1000 characters. For larger projects, our price is based on the combination of language that you need, the length of required document in words, the subject matter, and general complexity of the project. For complex translation projects or other service types, please contact us via email in order to discuss your requirements in detail. info@pozitiftercume.com

If you are not a company registered in Turkey, you enjoy the advantage of not having to pay VAT, which is %18 of the total price.

"Do you have any other charges?"

There are no hidden charges - you will be always informed on the final cost whenever we are able to, and we will stick to that price! This said, there may be additional charges for extra services such as authentication, working with less common formats, and the notarisation/certification of translated documents. We also charge more when there is a urgent a project and such project requires us to suspend other work.

"How can I pay?"

You can make payments in Euros, Dollars, Pounds and Turkish Liras. The easiest way is to make an online order via email and to transfer money to our accounts.

Translation Process

Could you specify the main steps of a translation project?
Our translation process conforms to the Turkish and the European Union DIN EN 15038 norm. 
We, at Turkish Translation Services, start working before a text arrives, and continue working even after it has been delivered.
A team formed by expert translators, proofreaders and editors, which suits the best to the particular requirements of the text, is assembled for each task.
In order for our translations read like original documents, our translators translate only into their native languages.
We work only with proficient language professionals, field experts and project managers in order to timely deliver the most faithful translations for most complicated needs.
After an assignment is delivered, our project managers, consulting our clients, will update client and industry specific databases in order to guarantee continued consistency and quality.

Will you be able to maintain the style and formatting of the texts to be translated?
Of course. Our translators translate directly into the source document; and, we are generally able to maintain the style and formatting of your document. This involves any tables, text boxes, footnotes, etc. that your document may include. Our translators are not only premium language specialists but also are highly competent in Office applications. Therefore, we can also translate directly into spreadsheets, presentation documents, and, of course, into almost all word processing applications available. If you have any special formatting needs, you can consult our professional editors that are also responsible for formatting according to your requirements.

How long is the translation process?
This depends on the length of the document, the content and complexity of the text, and the formatting needs. We are generally able to translate approximately 2500 words per working day, including in-house proofreading and editing time. We can assemble a team to quicken the process for larger projects.

How can I assist the translation process?
Be precise about your needs at the beginning. Provide reasonable deadlines. Translation is not just "typing in another language"; it is an expertise and generally requires heavy research. Provide the translator with sufficient time in order to provide a product of high quality. If you can provide glossaries of terms, previously translated documents or background information regarding your company / products, you can help shorten the time required to complete the process.

I need an urgent translation. Can you help?

Yes. We, at Turkish Translation Services, have the resources to respond your urgent requests. Please tell us your timeframe limitations and we will endeavor to match our service. Please keep in mind that when a project is very urgent, it requires us to postpone other work and therefore we need to charge more.


Confidentiality of the document(s) that we need translated is of concern to us. Can you guarantee that you will maintain the confidentiality and protection of the document(s) while you process them?
We understand the importance of treating proprietary information as CONFIDENTIAL. . 
Turkish Translation Services, upon your request, will sign a non-disclosure agreement in order to guarantee the confidentiality of the document to be translated.
All documents are kept in a secure environment. Our server is located in New York and located in the same building used by all the main banks, protected against bomb, flood and fire.
We never release any proprietary information to any person or entity that is not bound by OUR non-disclosure agreement.
We always return hard copy original documents to the client, or destroy such documents as appropriate.
Confidentiality agreements are signed with all of our translators as a standard employment requirement.
Relevant parties (or any other requested information) are deleted in legal documents in order to increase security.
Where necessary, we will assign premium international package delivery services to deliver your printed translations.
We are happy to satisfy your confidentiality needs and ready to take any other measures that you propose!

Do you offer Confidentiality agreements if requested?

We maintain a strict confidentiality policy on all our translation projects and are happy to enter into non-disclosure agreements as part of our duty of concern.


What is a Certified Translation in Turkey?
A certified translation means that a professional translator made the translation, and that the translation correctly reflects the original. Each page must be stamped and signed by the translation provider in order for a translation to be qualified as a certified translation. We are a Translation Agency making in-house certification. When your certified translation is sent (always by premium delivery as standard) you'll also receive a Letter of Certification which is the translation's legal background and may be asked for.

What is notarisation in Turkey and when is it needed?
Notarised translation may be needed where significant legal issues require accurate translation, such as evidence in a civil or criminal case. In order to notarise a translation, a translator must attend a Public Notary’s Office and swear before the Notary that he / she is a professional translator and that the translation is accurate to the best of his / her knowledge. The Notary will stamp and certify the translation. You will receive a copy of the notarised document, which you will need to keep safe, since a new document will have to be notarised again and accordingly the same total will have to be charged. Notarised documents involve additional legal costs and are charged per document.

What is legalization in Turkey?
Legalised translation may be needed for court or civil cases outside Turkey. Official paperworks can extend the period for legalization of translation, so please allow enough time. Costs vary depending on the country that require legalization, but we will try to minimise such costs for you. The most commonly used legalization process is apostilling under the Hague Convention.

Do you offer these services for legalization?
Of course. We will be happy to serve you for legalization/notarisation/certification upon your request.


What are the major translation languages offered by Turkish Translation Services?
Turkish Translation Services provides a wide range of translation services. Most of our translations involve the languages below:
Turkish, English, Russian, Bulgarian, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Ukrainian, Greek, Arabic, Dutch, Portuguese, Romanian.

What are the other languages that you offer translation in?
We also offer translation services between Turkish and many additional languages. These include:
Albanian, Belarusian, Bosnian, Croatian, Danish, Estonian, Finnish, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Moldovan, Norwegian, Serbian, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Georgian, Hebrew, Hindi, Mongolian, Persian, Turkmen, Urdu and Uzbek.

Do you provide language combinations that do not involve Turkish?
We do not just provide translation services into and from Turkish. We have the know-how and the resources to offer an accurate, timely and authoritative translation of premium quality with respect to both content and presentation for any combination of languages you need, whether it is English to Russian, or French to Ukrainian. For some combinations that do not involve English, capacity restrictions mean that we may need more time.


"We are a company located in France. What is your preferred method of contact?"
We prefer to contact by email.

"Why do you prefer to use email?"
There are many reasons behind, some of which are;
You are able to send a message any time, at any place and we can read it even when we are out of office. For example; our office is open from 9:00 a.m. to 18 p.m. with Istanbul time (GMT+2). But you may send email for 24 hours. You will be contacted back in an hour from 9:00 a.m. to 23:59 p.m .
You can send the same message to multiple recipients. For example; you can c.c. the same email to Turkish Translation Services and to your manager.
We can forward your message and information provided by you to our translators and editors.
You can attach files to your messages; including documents, video clips, and images to be translated or quoted.
Simply, send us an email in any language of your preference and you will be contacted in an hour.

"What are your office hours?"
Our office is open from 9:00 a.m. to 18:00 p.m. with Istanbul time (GMT+2).

"We are a multinational/international/global company with a representative/liaison office in Turkey. Could our representative/liaison contact you on behalf of us on condition that our company will be charged?"
Yes. You can contact us from any of your offices or representatives in Turkey. We work with many Turkish law offices representing their clients. We can charge your company instead of your representative so that you do not pay VAT.

turkish translation services
turkish translation
turkish translation services